Executive Management

Robert M. Thornton, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, was instrumental in establishing and growing the company. He has been an executive with U.S. and international multi-facility healthcare corporations since 1981.  His experience is exemplified by his active and successful involvement in acquisitions, divestures and turnarounds of healthcare businesses.

Mark J. Stockslager, Chief Financial Officer, has been associated with SunLink  since 1988. He has been actively involved in acquisition, divestures, financings and public company reporting of healthcare businesses since 1979.

Byron D. Finn, President of SunLink ScriptsRX, LLC, and Carmichaels Cashway Pharmacy Inc., has been associated with SunLink since October 2010. Most recently, was President of Byron D. Finn, CPA, PC, which provided accounting, financial consulting and litigation support services to clients, including numerous health care clients. His experience also includes various positions with The Coca-Cola Company in connection with special projects, and he began his business career at Ernst & Young.

Stephanie Woods,  is the CEO of SunLink Health Systems Technology, Inc.,  Her vast knowledge in healthcare and management has been developed from over 20 years of varied responsibilities.  Her expertise includes the effective and efficient use of human capital to accomplish organizational goals for SunLink Health Systems Technology, Inc., and its business partners.  She was the recipient of Hometown Health’s Executive Leadership program award, which identifies exemplary leaders in healthcare.  She is a graduate of Clayton State College and University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources.

Sheila Brockman, is the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Health Corporation of Ellijay, Inc. which provides rehabilitation, long term care and adult day services in North Georgia at Parkside Ellijay.  She has over 25 years of hands-on experience at the corporate and facilities level management. Over that time she has managed a wide variety of services which has allowed her to gain a unique range of experience in diverse areas. Her skills include program development, real estate development, mergers and acquisition,  risk management and facilities management.