Board of Directors

Robert M. Thornton, Jr., has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since September 10, 1998, President since July 16, 1996 and was the Chief Financial Officer from July 18, 1997 through August 31, 2002. From October 1994 to the present, Mr. Thornton has been a private investor and, since March 1995, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CareVest Capital, LLC, a private investment and management services firm. Mr. Thornton was a director of and held various executive offices with Hallmark Healthcare Corporation from October 1989 until Hallmark’s merger with Community Health Systems, Inc. in October 1994.

Dr. Steven J. Baileys, is a private investor and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of SafeGuard Health Enterprises, Inc., a public dental care benefits company, from July 1995 to June 2004. Dr. Baileys was Chief Executive Officer of SafeGuard from April 1995 to February 2000, its President from December 1981 until May 1997, and its Chief Operating Officer from December 1981 until April 1995. Dr. Baileys is licensed to practice dentistry in the State of California.

Gene E. Burleson, is a private investor and was a director of HealthMont Inc., a Tennessee corporation, from its inception in September 2000 until its acquisition by SunLink in October 2003. Mr. Burleson served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc., a diversified provider of long-term and specialty health care services, from February 2000 to June 2002. Mr. Burleson served as the Chief Executive Officer and as a director of Vitalink Pharmacy Services, Inc. from February 1997 to August 1997. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of GranCare, Inc., a provider of long-term and specialty health care services, which subsequently became a part of Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc., from January 1994 to November 1997, and as its Chief Executive Officer from December 1990 to February 1997. His previous experience also includes serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer of American Medical International, Inc., an acute-care hospital company and a predecessor to Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Mr. Burleson also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., a provider of management services to independent physician associations, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, a shoe manufacturer, and various other privately-held companies.

Karen B. Brenner, has been President of Fortuna Asset Management, LLC, an investment advisory firm located in Newport Beach, California, since 2000. Fortuna Asset Management, LLC succeeded to the business of Fortuna Advisors, Inc., which Ms. Brenner formed and operated from 1993 to 2000. Ms. Brenner is also a director of Creative Bakeries, Inc.

C. Michael Ford, has been the owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montpelier Corporation, a venture capital and real estate holding company, since October 1990. Mr. Ford has served as Chief Executive Officer since November 2003 and Chief Financial Officer of Newtown Macon, Inc. from October 2002 to November 2003. Mr. Ford was Chairman of the Board of In Home Health, Inc. from February 2000 to December 2000, and the Interim Chief Executive Officer from February 2000 to December 2000, except for the period June 27 through July 7, 2000. Mr. Ford served as Vice President of Development of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation from September 1994 to September 1997, and was Vice President of Marketing of Meditrust Corp. from October 1993 to September 1994.

Howard E. Turner, has been a partner in the law firm of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, since 1971, where he is a member of the firm’s executive committee. Mr. Turner has served as a director of Avlease, Ltd., a lessor of large commercial aircraft, and currently serves as an officer and director of Historic Motorsports Holdings, Ltd. Mr. Turner provides legal services to the Company through the law firm, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, as requested by the Company.

Christopher H. B. Mills, is a Director and the Chief Investment Officer of J. O. Hambro Capital Management and has served in such capacity since January 1993. Mr. Mills also serves as the Managing Director/Investment Manager of North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust plc and Trident North Atlantic, positions he has held since 1998. From 1984 to 1993, Mr. Mills served as a Director of MIM Management Limited.